The TRI SHARKS are a dedicated group of triathletes who are senior level professionals, entrepreneurs, executives and business owners that are committed to professional growth, business development, networking and philanthropy. We are not a Triathlon Club. TRI SHARKS is a business networking community for triathletes.

TRI SHARKS is a forum for triathletes to exchange networking contacts and build beneficial professional relationships, to share ideas on both business development and triathlon training, and to inspire triathletes to fundraise for charity as a way to enhance their training and racing.

Our Mission

TRI SHARKS is a non-profit organization comprised of senior-level professionals and entrepreneurs who are active triathlon participants committed to professional growth, business development and philanthropy.


Our Code of Ethics

Given its mission, TRI SHARKS has adopted a code of ethics to provide its members with a guide in regard to their conduct when acting on behalf of the organization.

The code of ethics is not intended as a stand-alone policy. It does not embody the totality of TRI SHARKS’ ethical standards. The code will be reviewed periodically. Members of TRI SHARKS are committed to the following:

  • Remaining dedicated to sports through active participation in triathlons
  • Helping members grow professionally through tactical business development strategies and networking
  • Attending and contributing to monthly meetings that will often include a vast range of dynamic guest speakers
  • Making a difference in our communities through consistent philanthropic efforts
  • Operating with responsibility, under the highest ethical and transparent standards
  • Maintaining a responsive and professional demeanor when dealing with other members and their businesses