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Owner, Pinnacle Health and Wellness Center

Dr. Darren Kreitman, owner of Pinnacle Health and Wellness Center is a Chiropractor in Plantation, Florida with nearly 25 years helping others achieve optimal health. As a University of Florida graduate in Health Science Education, a former anatomy instructor, and personal trainer, Darren spends much of his time teaching patients, his children and his community about the positive benefits of taking care of their health. Dr. Kreitman is an Ironman triathlete a published author, public speaker, and health advocate who believes nothing is more satisfying than seeing his community improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

As a competitive athlete Dr. Kreitman now devotes much of his time to helping his own two children as well as adaptive athletes (wheel chair bound individuals) get across the finish line. Darren proudly sits on the board of Special Compass, a non-profit organization that creates life changing opportunities for those that need a push.