Senior Manager of Software Engineering, Ultimate Software and Co-Founder & Chief Editor,

A Senior Manager of Software Engineering for Ultimate Software in Weston, FL, Mike is responsible for the products, processes, and people developing the Integration vision and strategy. This includes developing outbound and inbound integration strategies as well as developing a single home for Integrations for users, partners, and internal teams. He also evaluates external products and libraries for the company’s integration strategy, as well as working with product, marketing, and other parts of the organization to ensure the integration strategy is in line with the larger strategic direction of Ultimate Software.

Mike is a co-founder and Chief Editor of, a triathlon and cycling review site. Developed in 2012, has seen more than 1 million visitors, and continues to grow every year.

A father and an Ironman triathlete, Mike and his wife enjoy spending time with family and friends, as well as watching Gator football.

Mike attended the University of Florida and Florida International University. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering and an MBA.