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Founder & CEO, 2EC Technologies

Victor is an experienced technology advisor with a huge passion for technology and how it can change the world. He has over 25 years of experience with Microsoft technologies. His mission is to help customers achieve business goals and increase productivity by adopting new, highly secure technological capabilities.

Founder & CEO of 2EC Technologies, a company that provides IT consulting to organizations such as Novopayment, Diario las Americas, and CreateTrade Capital. His customers trust him with their IT needs because he offers comprehensive solutions that allow them to boost productivity and increase engagement so they can focus on what matters most.

Victor has held various roles in his professional life, including Account Technology Strategist at Microsoft, helping corporate leaders to redefine the position worldwide. Also, at BlackBerry as a Senior Technology Analyst, helping Fortune 500 customers improve their IT infrastructure security. He believes success and growth come from continuous learning, sharing knowledge, and building trust with customers and partners.

Victor is a father of two, a husband, and a fitness enthusiast. Victor is a soccer fan. He enjoys spending quality time with his family by doing outdoor activities, watching TV series, movies and taking family vacations. Victor is a competitive triathlete and enjoys participating in various cycling and running events